Cycling Day trips

Thinking on those fellow riders that come to Amsterdam only for a few days is that we’ve put together our “GPS-GUIDED DAY TRIPS ON ROAD-BIKES”

Are you in Amsterdam for work, attending a conference or business meetings?
Are you in Holland on vacation with your family? Are you somebody who enjoys cycling but can't go this time for a multi-day bike tour? Whatever reason brings you to Amsterdam, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to enjoy a great ride in this “cyclist’s paradise”.
We can make it possible! In the morning, get ready for a memorable biking day. Collect your equipment at our partner’s bike-shop, choose your GPS route, start your ride, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. At the end of the day the GPS will guide you back to the shop. As simple as that!

We have prepared multiple loop-rides of different lengths about the most interesting areas around Amsterdam’s countryside. We’ve also plotted cycle routes to more distant destinations which will give you the chance to jump in a train on your way back if you think you had enough for today. Take a look at the routes that will be available on each of our GPS devices here>>


We can offer you the following:

Cycling equipment
- OroValore road-bikes: Aluminum frame, carbon fork, full Shimano 105.
- Helmet
- Repair kit
Navigation package
- Garmin Oregon Sat/Nav with pre-loaded GPS routes
- Batteries and charger
- Mini backpack

1 rider
1 day: € 90,00
2 days: € 130,00
Extra day: € 40,00

2 riders
1 day: € 140,00
2 days: € 220,00
Extra day: € 60,00
Please apply for a quotation for more than 2 bike riders.

Fill out our CONTACT FORM to inquire about availablity. We have limited capability, reservations are always required.

With I Cycle Holland we've earned a very solid reputation in the American, Canadian, Australian and British cycle-touring community. This is due to our commitment with the safety and enjoyment of all our clients, providing quality cycling equipment and invaluable data of the nicest routes in the most enchanting areas of Holland. We plot our routes along separated bike lanes when possible, following watercourses, across natural reserves, visiting old charming villages, wind-mills, tulip-fields and many other attractions. We make a feast of every cycling day.


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