Booking Procedure

Booking bikes with I cycle Holland is very easy. Within a few simple steps your bikes and equipment will be reserved and waiting for your arrival.
We keep our small fleet in top shape. Amsterdam receives literally millions of visitors every year, many of which are bicycle riders too. So if you have decided to enjoy Holland on one of our bikes, wait no longer and place your booking!

Step 1. Contact us

Please fill-out the form in our contact page or send us an email to any of the addresses at the bottom of the page. Please feel free to let us know any question, suggestion or special requirement you might have. We will reply to you as soon as possible (within 48 hours) to let you know our availability. If applicable, you will receive a quotation of the costs and a Paypal invoice which can be paid online.

Step 2. Confirm your booking

First step is to confirm your agreement with our proposal. You can do that just by replying to our email. This way we will keep your booking as an option for one week or reception of your payment. Once your payment is received we will notify you.
At this point your reservation is confirmed and the bikes and equipment will be booked in your name.
Please note that you will be able to book your bikes before knowing exactly in which hotel or even town you are going to stay. You can let us know that closer to the date of delivery of your equipment.
Please note that when confirming a reservation you are agreeing to our terms & conditions.

Step 3. Planning

After confirmation of your booking we will send you a few questions. These questions regard some more specific details of your travel and cycling plans; routes, delivery and pick-up addresses and riders details. At this point you can let us know any special requirement you might have. We need to receive this information at least one week before your arrival if customized routes are required.

To adjust the height of the seats we will need the measurements of your bikes at home, from the middle of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat (click to see a picture).

It is also advisable to bring your own shoes and pedals to avoid compatibility issues.

Upon your arrival or beginning of rental period we will meet you at the arranged time and place. It can be at your hotel, or another meeting point. After inspection of the bikes and equipment we will proceed to the signature of the bike-rental agreement. We will also need to take a picture of your passport / credit card. After that you and your party are ready to go and start enjoying riding in Holland.

During the rental period we will be pleased to assist you with anything you might need. Please check our routes & service page for details on extra services.

At the end of the rental period we will meet again at the accorded time and place. We will inspect the bikes and equipment once again and will settle any extra costs due to extra services you might have used.

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