There are over 40.000 km (25.000 miles) of bicycle roads and paths waiting for you here in Holland. Everywhere you go, in the country or in the city you will see people cycling. Bikes in the Netherlands are used for everything; sport, recreation, commuting, any reason is good enough to get on the bike. Cycle paths follow rivers, cross parks and villages, they even take you right into the tulip fields. Because we want you to enjoy all of this without having to worry about how to find the way or how to get back “home” we’ve put our ' Nav&Ride' pack together.
We will provide you with a mini-backpack containing all you need in terms of navigation: a top of the line Garmin GPS device preloaded with cycling maps and routes (with printed manual), two battery sets and a battery charger. Every detail is taken care of before your arrival, even custom made routes when required, so you can start riding straight away.

Customized routes
Once your reservation is confirmed we will send you a few questions for you to answer. At that point you will let us know your wishes regarding the routes you want to ride. You might be thinking of doing your daily 25 miles ride and getting back to your hotel. May be you are planning a 200 mile trip around Holland that will keep you busy for several days. We can help you organise any tour you are thinking off and then load the routes on the GPS device that you are going to use.
There are also a number of routes to choose from on many different websites. Take a look in our external info page or in our own cycling routes page. Just choose any or several of the routes and we will load them in your Garmin GPS before you arrive.
The cartography that these GPS’s use is specially designed for cyclists. You just enter a destination and the software will calculate the best route for you to follow by bicycle.

We can provide different services that will make your stay in Holland more pleasant and relaxing. We can deliver your bikes and equipment anywhere you want, we can also transfer your luggage while you ride. We have experience in scouting and designing trips in several European countries.



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